Administration of Medicines in School


There are two main circumstances in which requests for medicines to be administered in school are likely to be made:

a) in cases of long term complaints (e.g. asthma, epilepsy), and;

b) in some cases where children recovering from a short term illness are well enough to return to school, but are still receiving a prescribed course of treatment  (e.g prescribed antibiotics)

In respect of (a) it will be necessary for a parent to complete a form requesting that their child keep the inhaler with them at school.

As far as (b) is concerned, where it is reasonably practicable for a parent to attend the school to administer the medicine this is the preferred procedure, but this is not always possible.   Dosages can often be arranged so that they are taken before and after the school day.  You would need to check with your doctor to see if this is possible.

In cases where circumstances require the administering of medicines at school certain safeguards should be observed before we can accept the responsibility:

Parents will need to complete a request form which can be collected from the school office or downloaded here Medicines form – New 2019-20. This form confirms that it is the doctor’s view that your child should receive medicine during school hours, and carries an indemnity in favour of the school. At the end of each day, parents are requested to collect the medicine and sign the form to acknowledge that the school have administered the medicine.

Medicines must be clearly labelled with date, contents, pupil’s name and dosage prescribed by the child’s doctor.  They must also be in the bottles/packaging in which they were prescribed.

We will be as helpful and co-operative as we are able.  If you have any concerns or queries over any of these matters please get in touch with the school.