An Election for Head Boy and Head Girl

We have recently been learning about democracy and politics through our election of a Head Boy and Head Girl. To help our pupils understand the importance of voting and the British system of Democracy pupils in Year 5 were invited to apply to become a Head Boy or Girl from September 2015. A number of pupils wrote letters of application to our school council who, with the help of staff, shortlisted 8 pupils to stand for election. These 8 pupils then created an election campaign placing posters around school and delivering speeches in a whole school assembly about why they would be the best candidate for the job. The whole school then voted using a ballot paper and the voting booths. It was a very exciting time for the pupils. We are very proud of everyone that stood for election and are looking forward to develop the role of Head Boy and Girl in September 2015.  Congratulations to Dylan and Ruby who were elected!