Exciting Learning – Debating, Sports Achievements and Home Learning!

This week there has been so much amazing learning happening in school. The children have has visitors from the rainforest, made african pancakes and lots of other brilliant things this week.

Year 6 pupils took part in a sport competition with 90 other schools and came 4th overall! Well done children we are so proud of you!

photo (23)

Four pupils from Year 6 went along to the Guild Hall in Coventry city centre and took part in a debating competition. They had a wonderful time and Mrs Evans’ class have learnt some brilliant skills of persuasion!

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Year 5 and Year 4 have produced some brilliant homework. Year 5 were asked to create artwork of an endangered animal. This is Dylan’s echidna!


The children in Year 4 were asked to consider the 5 things they would take with them if there was an imminent natural disaster and they needed to evacuate the area. These are some of the things they would choose.