Exciting Learning!

This week has been another busy and exciting week of learning in school. On Tuesday we had the pleasure of meeting parents and carers who are deciding which school to send their children to. Many of our Year 6 pupils then took them around the school and into classrooms. We had lots of positive comments about our Year 6 so thank you to everyone who took the time to pass on the feedback.

Year 5 have been busy designing their Greek sculptures they are going to be creating!


Year 5 have also been investigating dissolving solids in liquids. They have been making predictions and comparing the results.




Year 3 have also been artists this week by creating their very own Roman style pots. They will be adding colours to these wonderful creations.


What a week Year 5 are having! They have also been learning to read musical notation for pitch! They have been decoding the messages and completing musical crosswords.