Learning from Road Safety Week

To help our pupils stay safe while they are walking near roads they spent during Road Safety Week taking part in lots of exciting activities. From our questionnaires the previous year, Year 4 were the year group where lots of pupils started to walk to school themselves and so they focused alot on walking safely.

They looked at the importance of being seen at night time and designed some high visibility outfits for Bob to walk his dog in. They then considered the importance of wearing a cycle helmet when riding your bike and the consequences of not wearing one, relating our heads to an uncooked egg.
Children then designed their own helmets for the great egg cycle helmet challenge. Their mission was to design and make a helmet for their egg to wear when riding its bike. They then tested their creations on the playground this afternoon.

photo 5 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Year 5 have made some wonderful stop motion animations about Road Safety. Here is one of the films they made!