More Exciting Learning!

This week has been another exciting week in school. The children have been learning all sorts of things. We have been finding out about Anti-Bullying Week. During one of our assemblies this week we played a game to empty a tube of toothpaste and then try to put it all back in the tube! The children then thought about how sometimes it can be easy to say unkind things but then very hard to take them back.


IMG_3887 Year 4 have been learning all about Roman numerals. They have been trying to decipher the different numbers and even use them calculations!

IMG_3889 Year 3 have been performing and showing off how well they are doing with their Ukulele lessons. The children have been appraising each other’s performances. All the children are doing really well!

IMG_3891   One of our after school Maths clubs have been practising their division facts!

IMG_3894   Year 5 are learning to play the keyboard and read musical notation. This week they have been trying to composing their own short pieces of music.