Every parent and teacher at St Christopher Primary is automatically a member of our PTA!

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What does your PTA do?

A few parents and teachers meet once a month for an hour, at 7pm in the school. The meetings are chaired by nominated parents, see below. Throughout the year we organise events for pupils, parents and the local community including school discos, gift selling for Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days and running our hugely popular Summer Fete and Christmas Fair. The money raised by your PTA events is used to purchase ‘extra’ resources for our school

Most recently you and your PTA funded the beautiful new library which the children are already enjoying.

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Can you help?

We always appreciate extra help. Some parents cannot make the PTA meetings but volunteer at one or two of the events each year. This help is highly valued as we couldn’t run the events without extra support. New faces are always warmly welcomed to our meetings, so if you have some time you would like give please come along to the next meeting, or get in touch via Facebook or email if you would like to find out more

What events do we run each year?

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