Pupils of the Week


Pupils are awarded Pupil of the Week for a variety of reasons. The celebration assemblies are held on Mondays and families are invited along.


Joseph  – 1L: Using his wonderful imagination to tell exciting stories of adventure to the whole class.

Olivia – 1D: Her fantastic reading! It is a pleasure to hear her read and talk about the book.

Freya – 2M: Her fantastic teamwork and creativity when making a castle model.

Adam – 2H: his excellent attitude towards learning and being kind to others all the time! Well done!

 Layla – 3K: Her excellent attitude and behaviour in all lessons.  Layla is a fantastic role model for others. Well done!

Finn – 3H: Improved effort, concentration and contributions in English.

Charlie – 4V: Trying his hardest by not getting distracted and concentrating really well leading to more work completed.

 Jack – 4B: Excellent attitude, effort and enthusiasm in all lessons, but especially Read/Write/Ink..  

Chloe – 5I: Improved confidence with answering questions and checking her work, particularly in Maths.

 Arun – 5N: Rapid recall of halving and doubling strategies during Maths.

 Abigail – 6E: Her beautiful work in writing a Blitz poem.

James – 6P: His enthusiasm and dedication when problem solving in Maths.


Adil – 1L: Trying very hard with his reading and writing and making lots of progress.

Reegan – 1D: His super smile, always trying his best and settling in to his new class quickly.

Daniel – 2M: His perseverance and extra hard work during Maths. Well done!

Owen – 2H: Working very hard on his throwing, catching and rolling skills.

Nomeda – 3K: Her mature attitude and outstanding behaviour. Nomeda is an absolute pleasure to teach.

Alice – 3H: Being an enthusiastic goalkeeper and super star in PE.

 Jarrod – 4V: Persisting in Maths even though he finds it tricky. His enthusiasm is faultless.  Very proud!

Aryan – 4B: Designing and making a wonderful Roman inspired oil lamp.

Bethany – 5I: Her watercolour work in Art Club with Miss Haywood.

Ella – 5N: Her excellent effort in Maths and working hard to improve her work.

Kacey – 6E: The immense effort that she puts into her homework pieces.

 Anna – 6P: Making a huge effort with her homework. Anna’s piece on poppies was particularly impressive.


Nicola – 1L: trying very hard to practice her reading and making super progress

 Bobby – 1D: For super writing about Fish!

Lily – 2M: trying hard to share her great ideas with others and always remaining focused when working independently

  Beth – 2H: Her consistent hard work and extra effort in her homework tasks! Well done.

Ben – 3K: Reading more often at home and being so enthusiastic in English.

Georgia – 3H: Perseverance and excellent concentration in Maths.

 Tyler – 4V: growing in confidence which has spilled over into his school council role

Sophie – 4B: Developing fantastic sketching skills and producing super observational drawings.

 Rio – 5I: Hard work in math’s with collecting and presenting data into a bar chart and pictogram.

 Ethan – 5N: Responding well to advice in marking to improve his work in math’s.  Well done!

Kasim – 6E: His willingness to share his ideas with others.  Well done!

 Jessica – 6P: Producing a beautifully presented poem for Remembrance Day.  Thank you for taking such great care!


Jack – 1L: Always waiting his turn quietly, letting others go first and all round good behaviour

Leah – 1D: Her excellent writing and super homework! Well done Leah!

Ellis – 2M: Setting a fantastic example of good behaviour and showing determination and enthusiasm.

 Patrick – 2H: Being a very kind and caring member of the class, especially when helping others at Warwick Castle!

Beth – 3K:  Listening carefully to advice about improving her own work and participating more. Keep it up Beth!

Hallie – 3H: Persevering with challenging work in match and a positive attitude to learning

Lauren –  4V: Putting her hand up more and taking part in class discussions.  Keep it up Lauren!

Eva – 4B: A super start to the school and a fantastic attitude to learning

 Carys – 5I: Hard work and neat application of maths work.

  Sean-Paul– 5N: Consciously avoiding distractions in class and working well independently. Keep it up!

Finlay – 6E: Huge improvement because he listens so carefully.  Well done!

Kai – 6P: Increased confidence and contributions in English lessons this week. Keep it up!


Ronak – 1L: working hard and producing good work
Ray – 1D: his fantastic writing about the turtle and the crane!
Hemma – 2M: consistently working hard and maintaining a positive attitude towards her learning at all times
Katie – 2H: her fantastic effort especially with homework and writing
James – 3K: his attitude and hard work in English lessons
Kiera – 3H: wonderful attitude and enthusiasm in PE and Ukulele lessons
Sam – 4V: excellent writing using range of skills
Eleanor – 4B: Imaginative and intelligent writing using amazing vocabulary
Jake – 5I: excellent sketch of Taj Mahal and helping others
Hannah – 5N: increased contributions in Maths
Jasper – 6E: reading widely in and out of school
Joseph – 6P: superb problem solving in Maths
Well done to all of the above pupils
7.10.13 – Pupil of the Week awards go to:

Eva – 1D: finding out extra information for theme lesson
Lucas – 1D: joining in with every lesson and having lots to say
Mohammed – 1L: listening carefully and trying hard
Thomas -1L: getting on with his work without any fuss and working quietly
Lybah – 2H: enthusiasm and positive attitude in Maths
2H: team work and good behaviour
Amelia – 2M: positive attitude towards learning
Mason – 2M: producing a wonderfully detailed drawing of a scene from the Bayeux Tapestry
Joe – 3H: working hard and showing great enthusiasm in Maths
Caitlyn – 3H: continuing to work hard and maintain a positive attitude despite being absolutely exhausted from all her dance shows and rehearsals
Grace – 3K: her fantastic attitude and enthusiasm while learning to play the ukulele
Joseph – 3K: his excellent attitude and enthusiasm in his PE lessons. Keep it up Joseph!
Ben – 4V: writing a really well thought out fact file about the Celts, with a hint of your personality too!
Tia – 4B: applying herself really well across all subjects. She has been trying hard which has led to good quality work
Ruby – 4B: attitude, enthusiasm and effort in Maths lessons
Dylan 4B – excellent contribution to class theme work and understanding of historical sources
Elliot – 5N: demonstrating an excellent recall and application of adventurous vocabulary
Emily – 5I: using the word of the week, connective of the week and opener of the week in her writing
Eireann – 5I: an imaginative and creative adapted version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Henry – 6P: his enthusiasm and well thought out contributions in English lessons. Keep it up!
Eve – 6P: having the perfect Year 6 attitude Eve is always listening, always focussed and always does her work to the best of her ability
Oakley – 6E: his general attitude towards Maths particularly his contributions and productivity
Rhys – 6E: working very hard in English to include everything that has been asked for in his writing

Well done to all of the above pupils


23.9.13 – This week’s Pupil of the Week awards go to:
Summer – 1D: putting her hand up and answering questions during themes
Megan -1L: tidying up, listening and being a Superstar!
Katrina – 2H: working really hard on a new method in Maths
Lorcan – 2M: setting a fantastic example to others by following the golden rules at all times, particularly when given instructions to follow
Hannah – 3K: fantastic effort and contributions in her maths lessons. Keep up the hard work Hannah Jeevan – 3H: excellent behaviour and a positive attitude to learning
Asan – 4V: consistently trying his best in all his subjects and contributing to discussions so enthusiastically
Millie – 4B: excellent concentration and contributions during English lessons
Nabeel – 5N: a determined attitude in maths and responding well to feedback
Jack – 5I: enthusiasm to finish his Big write newspaper report, even after the bell had gone
Laina – 6P: settling into a new school incredibly well. Laina has already impressed us all with her effort and hard work!
Katie 6E: her high standards of presentation and effort – an example to everyone

Well done to all of the above pupils!

16.9.13 – This week’s Pupil of the Week awards go to:
Thomas – 1D:
trying very hard with everything he has been asked to do and having a lovely smile! Ryan – 1L: settling into year one so quickly and for trying hard
Poppy – 2M: creating her own coat of arms with great thought and care!
Kristian – 2H: for following instructions with thought and care. He has really pushed himself in maths this week.
Amani – 3K: A fantastic start to year 3. Amani is very kind and helpful and always used lovely manners
Zak – 3H: for working hard, trying his best and having great concentration in all lessons
Kaycee – 4B: outstanding friendliness and helpfulness to myself and other pupils
Tia – 4V: being a fantastic role model to the other children
Paige – 5I: a well-structured and detailed letter about her holidays
Tyreece – 5N: Showing a mature and responsible attitude to his work
Liam – 6E: his independent learning and enthusiasm
Hannah – 6P: for an excellent start in maths. Hannah has worked really hard and been extremely supportive to others.

Well done to all of the above pupils!