In the interest of safeguarding children there may be occasions when the school has to consult other agencies without a parent’s prior knowledge. The school’s first concern is the child’s welfare and the school has a duty to act to protect the child at all times. Such consultation may result in a formal referral which could prompt visits from social services and/or the police.

We fully understand that this can be a very distressing set of circumstances, but we can only assure you that we have a legal duty and responsibility to follow the procedures laid down by the Coventry Safeguarding Board, a copy of which is available in school, as is our own policy.

Designated Safeguarding Officers:

22Mrs Robinson

Gemma PotterMiss Potter

Family Support Worker and Learning Mentor

Tracy Penn

Miss Penn

St_Christopher Primary Safeguarding Policy
St Christopher Primary Safeguarding – Record of Concerns
St Christopher Primary Safeguarding – Body Chart log
St Christopher Primary Safeguarding – Handover Form
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