We are a ‘Good’ School – Our Ofsted Inspection

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Following our school inspection in October I am delighted to inform you that St Christopher Primary has been described as a ‘good school’ under the current Ofsted framework. We are delighted with the outcome of the inspection and very proud of our Ofsted report. A copy of the report per family is included with the newsletter this week.

“Staff and pupils share a strong belief in the values of their school. They are proud to be part of it.”

“Teachers plan imaginative activities that excite and motivate pupils to succeed.”

“Pupils’ behaviour in lessons and around the school is consistently good, and at times outstanding. Pupils have a great desire to learn, and this contributes greatly to their good achievement as they get involved quickly in the learning activities.”

The school needed to improve its provision and outcomes since its lowest point in 2009 and the improvements made along with the fact that higher expectations from Ofsted have been expected for good schools over the last three years makes our success even sweeter.

The format of the Ofsted reports are now quite different and they take some getting used to. The report has to be jargon free and factual.

The report also has to clearly show why the judgement is good and not outstanding. The report has to capture the school within two days, so it is quite challenging for inspectors. Inspectors have to consider three years of data and teaching so for your information some references to specific year groups in the report, refer to a three year picture.

The success of the recent inspection is a reflection of input from all stakeholders. The sheer hard work and commitment of all staff, governor and parental support, and good attitudes from children to learning have been essential. When you read the report I hope you feel as proud as we do!

You can read the full report HERE.