Year 5 & Year 6 Girls Cross Country Trial Run

The girls XC trials were held this afternoon (Thursday 22nd January) as part of the lunchtime half marathon challenge mile. It was a very exciting race involving 22 girls competing for just 12 spaces on two teams. All of the girls worked really hard, many of them completing the mile distance for the very first time. The following girls were chosen to represent St Christopher at the races which take place on Saturday 31st January at Keresley Grange School.


A race team

  1. Lily-Rose (5N)
  2. Elaine (6P)
  3. Hannah (6P)
  4. Neve  (6P)
  5. Grace (6P)
  6. Mia (6P)



B race team


  1. Olivia (6P)
  2. Rosie (5N)
  3. Amy (5N)
  4. Kate (6L)
  5. Jaspreet (6P)
  6. Rachel (6L)